VW R36 - 6 Port Water Methanol Injection

What is Water Methanol?


Water Methanol is an auxiliary system that injects a mixture of 50% water & 50% Methanol into the engine. This interaction substantially raises the fuel octane levels to over 110 whilst drastically reducing cylinder temperatures and increasing air density.

Is it better than E85

Yes.... There are substantial trade offs when running E85 and further financial cost associated. If you are not using the vehicle for race/ drag applications, we would heavily recommend our customers and friends to invest in a water methanol kit.



There is an absolute plethora of information about Water Methanol all over the internet, rather than bore you with a detailed explanation I have listed below the best and most crucial information related to this topic. I highly recommend reading further if you're interested in Water Methanol or E85.

  • Cools your cylinders = More Boost & More Timing! Water has the highest specific heat capacity of any liquid! 4.19 Joule. Methanol has a specific heat capacity of 2.53 Joule, Ethanol 2.73 Joule, Unleaded 98oct 2.23 Joule. 50/50 is the perfect mix!

  • Raises your octane = More Boost & More Timing! Methanol has an octane rating of 110oct, Ethanol 113oct, E85 105oct, & Water infinite!

  • Stops carbon build up! Water Methanol cleans your engine! Great for Diesels and Direct Injection engines.

Water Methanol = More Power!

If you need some help with your Water Methanol Install or you need a tune swing us a message here. 

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