Pendulum are specialists in mobile performance and economy tuning on mainstream light commercial vans. With Vans running engine variants lifted straight from mainstream cars, the tuning potential on these is the same as for cars, from economy tuning right up to Stage 3.

Pendulum also offer Fleet Management Software that can recalibrate your vehicles to enable fuel savings, RPM / speed restrictions and a reduction in C02 emissions. Therefore protecting your business assets and reducing your overall running costs. We understand that driving styles can adversley affect your operational costs, not just in fuel, but the down-time of unnecessary servicing and repairs to your van. Our Fleet Management Solution can enforce a driving style so that maximum efficiency can be achieved and ensure your running costs are kept to a minimum.

After a vehicle is tuned you can expect to see

  • More power

  • Greater Torque

  • Better fuel economy

  • Enhanced, sharper throttle response

  • Smoother, more progressive delivery of power

  • Better towing

  • Safer overtaking


All this can be achieved whilst still maintaining reliability and safety of the engine for years to come. Follow the link for more info or contact us directly

With Fleet Management Software 

  • The driver is prevented from cruising at excessive high speeds, saving fuel

  • The driver is prevented from hard driving by typically limiting RPM to 3000, saving fuel

  • Increased engine longevity due to limiting power and rpm 

  • Increased service intervals on variable service scheduled vehicles

  • Overall reduction in CO2 emissions 

  • Overall reduction in fuel cost upto and more than 22% (1.9TDI VW)

The incorporation of Fleet Management Software takes engine reliability to the next level. Not only will you see better fuel economy but the engine will run far longer than originally intended by the manufacturer. 


As with all Pendulum Tuning remaps you will benefit from a lifetime warranty on the software


For information on Transmission Tuning follow the link.