Pendulum offer mobile transmission tuning for a range of vehicles such as FORD, BMW, VW, SEAT, AUDI & SKODA. Tuning of a transmission will see significant improvements in gearbox shifting speeds that results in much faster 0-100 times. Incorporating a transmission tune into an already tuned vehicle is almost a must, as it will improve the reliability and longevity of the transmission in the long run.

After a vehicle is tuned you can expect to see

  • Increased Shifting Speeds

  • Greater Torque Throughput

  • Launch Control Options

  • Optional Kick-Down Deactivation

  • Enhanced, Sharper Throttle Response

  • Smoother, More Progressive Delivery of Power

  • Safer Overtaking


Slipping clutch pack... you're gonna have a bad time.

If you intend on driving the car hard or increasing the power of the engine well above stock, a transmission tune is a must. This will ensure clutch packs engage without slipping and gears mesh without hesitation. Any play in this area normally results in complete failure of the transmission. It's also highly recommended to have the transmission serviced at least every 40, 000 km's.


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As with all Pendulum Tuning remaps you will benefit from a Lifetime warranty on the software

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